What is the Awakening?


The image of the "Awakening" comes from I Samuel 3:1-10. Samuel is a boy who ministers to the Lord under Eli, the priest. One night as Samuel is lying down within the temple of the Lord, the Lord calls, "Samuel! Samuel!" Samuel did not yet know the Lord, and the word of the Lord had not been revealed to him. Therefore, he did not recognize who was calling him. After the Lord calls Samuel three times, Eli perceives that it's the Lord calling. He instructs Samuel to respond with, "Speak, Lord, for thy servant hears," when the Lord calls again. Samuel does as Eli instructs, and hears from the Lord.


The Awakening is an orderly, structured weekend designed to bring participants to an awareness of each one's need to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. During the event, one will be inspired, challenged, and equipped for a close, personal relationship with Jesus, and for Christian action in the home, school, work place and community.


The awakening is three days in which "Sleepers" live and study together in a worshipful time of singing, prayer, and discussion. During each of the fifteen talks heard on the weekend, the theme of Awakening to God's call in one's life is presented. Sleepers will examine more fully the reality and presence of Christ in His body of believers. Each one will personally experience the grace of the Lord through the prayers and acts of a loving Christian support community.


One of the most important parts of the Awakening is the follow-up. Although the weekend lasts only three days, everyone is invited to use its lessons and principles throughout life. While attending the Awakening, each Sleeper is challenged to:

    - Choose Jesus as personal Savior, and commit to

      begin making Him Lord of all areas of life; and

    - Strengthen his/her relationship with Jesus through

      study, prayer, worship, and Christian fellowship. 

Following the three days, Sleepers are invited to become intentional about personal faith through local church participation, Bible studies, and reunion groups. Reunion groups are approximately three to eight people who meet to examine individual goals of growth in Christ and to encourage one another to a life of following Jesus. It is recommended that new believers in Christ join established reunion groups or new groups with mature believers who can answer questions and offer discipleship.

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